We had looked up to political office holders for leadership but most of them have failed woefully which is the reason we are where we are today as a nation.

We must now arise to takeover, we must arise to make a difference, we must arise to  make impact, but we can’t make a difference by conforming, we can’t stand-out by fitting-in. We must show ourselves as different from the folks who have ruined our fortunes and kept the nation in backward.

We must show ourselves as different by providing quality leadership starting from our current circles of influence. We must start today, it may be a small circle, maybe within our family, workplace, marketplace, worship-place or community. We must stand and provide good leadership then grow these circles through positive impact such that when we linkup, a massive force of change that cannot be stopped would have been created.

Political offices have become available to the highest bidders hence most genuine men and women who want to serve the people and the nation may not be able to compete with these folks who have stolen our collective wealth and use it to oppress us, but we can bid for the heart of the people through good leadership, empathy and good works. Power still belongs to the people, but because the people have been economically and psychologically raped severally, they are traumatized and have lost their sense of dignity and power. But when the people are sufficiently sensitized and mobilized, they will rise up and take what belongs to them.

The man who holds office has the title and possibly the money, the man who provides true leadership has the people and power belongs to the people.

Africa Arise

Africa can be great again.

If only we can have mind-set shift;

If only we can change from wealth sharing mind-set to wealth creation mind-set;

If only we can unlock opportunities in our land with available digital technologies.

If only we can rethink our businesses and positions as platforms to create value and not just to enrich our pockets.

Africa will be great again and our lives and those of our unborn children will be better for it.

Then, we must arise...

We had earlier overcome political colonialism, now we must arise and overcome mental and economic colonialism. Lets Arise!  Leadership is earned not given; positions may be given but not leadership; positions may be zoned not leadership. Leadership is not a toy that is given to children to stop them from crying.  When confronted with challenges children shout and cry; when confronted with challenges leaders take action to overcome the challenge.

In the 1950s when our nations were faced with political colonialism, young men like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo,  Ahmadu bello, Nkwame Nkruma and others confronted the challenge and overcame it. When South Africa was faced with Apartheid Young Mandela and co confronted and overcame.

Today our nations are faced with challenges worse than colonialism and apartheid. We are faced with biting economic, political and environmental issues. We must arise! Arise not to complain and protest but arise with better options than what is existing, arise with superior argument, arise with better strategic direction and better leadership.

The government may not be doing well, the economy may be in shamble, there may not be employment for graduates and school leavers but complaining and crying on social media will not solve the problem. The youths must arise and take action. Take action today no matter how small. It is drops of water that makes an ocean


Lets put digital technology to positive use …

Digital technology (internet, social, mobile) is not just for entertainment. There is something you can do … there is a product or service you can provide. There is a problem you can solve even with only your mobile phone. Digital technologies have lowered the entry barrier to most industries and have democratized tools of innovation and production. Leverage it.

Start today, it may be on a small scale, it may not be in perfect form… but start, then improve and increase and never stop until you become the best. Empower yourself with relevant knowledge. Refine your talents through learning, and mentorship. Invest in knowledge. Spend quality time in learning not in entertainment, use the little resources available to you  to building your capacity instead of your wardrobe. Maturity is shown in your reasoning not in your age.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.  You must believe in yourself;  You are the future of Africa.

There is greatness in you, individually we have talents, skills and strength, collectively we have the numbers.

This is the time to arise and make Africa and the world a better place.

Some things are working...