Category: Digital Strategies

Digital strategy is a part of business strategy which focuses on using new digital capabilities to enable business performance.

Jun 02
Leveraging Data & Analytics

Sometime ago I was on a work visit to some Africa towns with some colleagues, on one…

May 18
Enterprise Architecture – Catalyst for Digital Transformation.

Today, most business organizations understand the need to leverage digital technology…

May 13
DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Succeeding In A Changing & Challenging Economy

Digital transformation is about how you deliver value in the market place leveraging…

May 13

The cost to the economy of postponing the presidential election is estimated at $1.5…

Mar 09
Top Business Opportunities in Africa

  This article profiles some top business opportunities in Africa that made more…

Feb 07
30 Strategic Digital Marketing Ideas

Strategic Digital Marketing Ideas: Strategic digital marketing is an aspect of Digital…

Feb 05
Digital Transformation As A Necessary Disruption

Digital transformation: Ten years ago  businesses like Banks, Media companies and…

Feb 02
The Core Of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: In 1997 Steve Jobs returned to Apple Inc. as the CEO after…